A Global Leading Supplier of In Vitro Diagnostic Solutions

Innovation is our DNA

3000+ Employees 
make up our global research and development operations with scientists, experts, bio-technicians, medical specialists, engineers, and software developers.
10 Years
We have kept devoting ourselves as a committed frontrunner in technology innovation. We are a R&D focused innovative biotechnology company with both capabilities in developing in-house upstream technologies and manufacturing end products.
$80 million 
has been invested in R&D projects, people and equipment for these years. Now we have 25,000㎡ R&D center and company headquarter, 64,000㎡ biological reagents and raw materials production base and IVD production line with GMP workshop.
2000+ Papers
have been published by Vazyme in top academic journals worldwide, including more than 260 in CNS ( stands for Cell, Nature, Science ) and its sub-journals, as of Nov 2021.

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Our vision is to lead in biotechnology by driving innovation relentlessly, pursuing the highest standards in quality of products and services, and creating value for our customers.




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