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Automatic Nucleic Acids Extraction Instrument

Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument

Key Advantages

• High efficiency

Strong magnetic force, the recovery rate of magnetic beads >95%.

• Simple settings

Easy process settings for automatic extraction and purification, adding samples and reagents simply.

• Rapid extraction

At most 32 samples finished in 10 min , high-throughput with stable and reliable results.

• Flexible & Convenient

Touch screen, pre-set program, one-key startup

DNA/RNA co-extraction available

• Precise design

Deep hole heating tank for more accurate temperature control

Screw design, high-precision and stable. 

• Anti-contamination

Strictly control contamination between wells

Built-in ultraviolet disinfection function for lower pollution risk

Product Description

The fully automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument is a high-throughput and high-accuracy nucleic acid extractor, which can extract and purify nucleic acids from a variety of biological samples such as blood, tissues, cells, body fluids, bacteria and viruses by using the pre-packaged extraction reagents based on superparamagnetic silicon-based beads. 

The instrument can be used for purification and concentration of nucleic acid through the adsorption, transfer and release of magnetic beads by magnetic rods. As its high automation, fast and simple operation, it is widely applied in the fields of molecular diagnosis and animal epidemic disease detection.

Operation Principles


Other Information

Product Name

Automatic nucleic acids extraction instrument

Product model


Sample throughput


Recovery rate of magnetic bead


Use kit

96 deep well plate

Processing volume

20~1000 μL

Difference between purification repeats


Heating temperature

Room temperature~120℃

Temperature accuracy


Operating system

Chinese/English operating system

Operation interface

8-inch color touch screen, can be connected to external mouse

Internal procedures

500 programs can be stored

Program management

Add, edit, save as, delete, program mode

Instrument interface

3 type-A USB, 1 Ethernet port, 1DB9 debug interface


Wi-Fi function


UV disinfection

Exhaust system

Fan exhaust

Anti-pollution mode

Ultraviolet disinfection

Maximum input power


Dimensions (W×D×H)




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