For obtaining nucleic acid (DNA&RNA) from human oropharyngeal swabs, nasopharyngeal swabs, sputum, broncho lavage fluid and alveolar lavage fluid, etc., applicable for downstream detection. 
Vazyme provides various nucleic acid extraction products, which include both manual extraction kits (FastPure Viral DNA/RNA Mini Kit & Virus DNA/RNA Extraction Kit) and automatic extraction instrument and the compatible extraction kit.

Virus DNA/RNA Extraction Kit (Magnetic Beads Based)

FastPure Viral DNA/RNA Mini Kit (Column Based)


All tubes and reagents are included, and can complete the extraction within 6 min per sample

High yield

Based on silica gel column, high purity nucleic acid can be obtained for more sensitive downstream detection processes

Easy to use

No centrifugation required, extraction within12 min per sample and suitable for automated extraction

High yield

Based on magnetic bead method, the high yieldnucleic acid makes downstream detection more sensitive

Virus DNA/RNA Extraction Kit (Magnetic Beads Based)


At most 32 samples finished in 9 min


Strong magnetic force, the recovery rate of magnetic beads >95%


Touch screen, pre-set program, one-key startup DNA/RNA co-extraction available Separate packed components, convenient for transportation and storage


Built-in ultraviolet disinfection function, 96 deep-well plate to avoid cross contamination

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