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Real-Time Fluorescence Quantitative PCR System



  • Turbo 16

  • vazyme

Product Description

Turbo 16 is a fast real-time fluorescence PCR detection instrument that can run independently with two modules, detecting 16 samples (8*2) at a time and running 45 cycles in 20 minutes. The instrument has PCR amplification, fluorescence detection, data analysis functions, which can monitor the amplification status of PCR in real-time. After amplification, the software automatically processes the experimental data and analyzes sample results

Key Advantages

  • The instrument can operate independently with dual modules, allowing for flexible selection of testing items

  • Equipped with a powerful temperature control system. The maximum heating rate can reach 15 ℃/s, and the cooling rate can reach 9.8 ℃/s. It completes 45 cycles in 20 minutes, significantly shorten detection time and quickly provide detection results

  • 4-color fluorescence channels and multiple PCR amplification can be achieved in one tube

  • Each reaction well is scanned at the bottom with separate fiber optic transmission signals, and there is no difference between wells, without the need for ROX dye correction

  • Both DNA and RNA can be detected, integrating traditional qPCR/RT-qPCR functions and supporting one-step RT-qPCR

Product Parameters

Product Name

Real-Time Fluorescence Quantitative PCR System


Turbo 16

Sample Capacity

16 (8*2, dual module)

Applicable Consumables

0.2mL transparent PCR single tube; 0.2ml transparent PCR 8-row tube

Temperature Control Module

Semiconductor thermoelectric module

Maximum Heating Rate

15 ℃/s

Temperature Accuracy

±0.1 ℃

Temperature Uniformity

±0.2 ℃

Excitation Wavelength Range

440 nm-650 nm

Excitation Channels Number


Compatible Dyes


Display Screen

10.1 inch

Instrument Interface

USB2.0; USB3.0; RJ45

Operating System

Chinese/English operating system

Rated Power

1200 VA

Dimensions (W*D*H)

455 mm * 310 mm * 275 mm

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