Vazyme Releases 2021 Annual Report: Announces More Efforts in Technology innovation and Together with Partners for a Better Future

NANJING, China, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Vazyme, China's leading biotechnology company, has recently released its 2021 annual report, revealing that the company has maintained a steady and solid growth throughout the past year. The report shows that it has achieved $289 million in operating income with an increase of 19.44% year-on-year. The company's R&D investment reached $36 million, up 83.47%, representing 12.33% of its total operating income.


"The year 2022 is still full of opportunities and challenges. We will continue to strengthen care technology based on the protein technology platform. Vazyme has been dedicated to our mission 'Science and Technology Make a Healthier Life' to focus on technology innovation and continuously expand the application fields of care technologies in life science, biomedicine, in vitro diagnostics, animal health and synthetic biology in human health. We have been holding ourselves to pursue the highest standards in quality of products and services for our customers and partners. Our global business network and operations make sure we could be close to the local markets, and more importantly, to do as much it can to meet the unmet customers' needs", said Cao Lin, chairman and founder of Vazyme.

This year also marks the Vazyme's 10th anniversary. Moving forward, the company plans to ramp up efforts in R&D and innovation, continuously upgrade and transform its core technologies, and expand business in new sectors. As one of the few R&D-focused biotech company in China, Vazyme holds a longstanding commitment in technology innovation. Over 2000 papers have been published by Vazyme in top academic journals worldwide, including more than 260 in CNS(stands for Cell, Nature, Science). By 2022, it has some 3000 employees and 27% of that are in the R&D team.

"Looking ahead, we will make further inroads in our key businesses and expand into new domains. I believe the market demand for COVID-19 and other related detection materials and products will continue to be strong. During the pandemic, China has remained one of the largest supplier for COVID-19 detection products." said Cao. In addition to pandemic-induced detection businesses, other regular detection products will be further developed, according to Cao. "When the prevention and control of the pandemic become regular, there will be new demands for detection products. In the future we will focus on the development of that," added Cao.

Vazyme can not only provide COVID-19 and other related detection materials and products, but only offer various products and solutions in life-science industry for universities, laboratories, and related R&D centers, such as scientific research reagents, NGS Library Prep Kits and molecular diagnostics solutions. Currently, Vazyme has over 200 kinds of genetic engineering recombinases, more than 1,000 kinds of high-performance antigens, monoclonal antibodies, and other key raw materials, in addition to over 600 finished products.

As Vazyme's 10th anniversary slogan "Together for a Better Future", Vazyme aims to get close to its partners for a better future. In the future, Vazyme will provide better products and solutions, contribute to improve R&D efficiency for its partners, realize more scientific breakthroughs and dedicating to the mission "Science and Technology Make a Healthier Life".

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