Vazyme goes public on Shanghai Stock Exchange today

On November 15, 2021, Nanjing Vazyme Biotech Co.,;Ltd.(Vazyme)went public on the  STAR MARKET of the Shanghai Stock Exchange under the stock code 688105.


Founded in Nanjing in 2012, Vazyme develops technologies and products related to functional proteins including enzymes, antigens and antibodies as well as organic polymer materials. Relying on its proprietary critical generic technology platform, the company has successively entered business areas including biological research, in vitro diagnosis and biomedicine. Vazyme is one of the few innovative R&D companies with both independent and controllable upstream technology development and final product manufacturing capabilities in China. The company owns more than 200 kinds of genetic engineering recombinases and 1,000 kinds of high-performance antigens and monoclonal antibodies. In addition, Vazyme has over 500 final products that have wide applications in scientific research, high-throughput sequencing, in vitro diagnosis, pharmaceutical and vaccine development as well as animal quarantine, among other fields.

Backed by many years of experience in the molecular biological reagent segment, Vazyme has strong R&D and product iteration capabilities, a perfected technical system and a well-established marketing network. Looking ahead, the publicly-listed company plans to accelerate its roadmap for an expanded presence in global markets, with the expectation of contributing to the ongoing development of the world’s biotechnology sector.


At the ceremony celebrating the firm’s success at listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Vazyme chairman and founder Cao Lin said, “Today’s listing is of great significance to Vazyme.. We have worked on obtaining this listing for nearly 10 years, in this period we made our full efforts and experienced all kinds of hardships Vazyme will strictly comply with each and every one of the requirements and rules for listed companies, constantly enhance our management, communicate regularly with investors and maintain the transparency of our company, as part of our mission to give back to society and the shareholders by way of sustained growth and better performance.”

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