Vazyme Releases 2022 Semi-Annual Report: On Track to Be a Biotech Leader

  • Revenue hit $242 million, up 96.2% y-o-y.

  • Net profit reached $92 million, up 56.67% y-o-y.

  • R&D investment stood at $23 million, up 85.72% y-o-y.

Vazyme recently released the 2022 semi-annual report, revealing the robust growth in the first half of the year. Vazyme has been stepping up R&D efforts over the past half year. In terms of investment, we plowed $23 million into R&D, up 85.72% from a year earlier. The overall R&D investment accounts for 9.69% of the revenue. In terms of scale, as of June 2022, our base has covered over 100,000 m2, including company headquarter, R&D center, biological reagents, raw materials production base, IVD production line with GMP workshop, and an independent QC laboratory for biological reagent products.

As an innovator in technology, we understand the importance of talent in achieving success. Currently, we have 748 R&D members, 46% of whom have been trained to get a master's degree or above. Our experts’ effort ensures the smooth conduct of research.

Since the foundation in 2012, Vazyme has been dedicated to our mission “Science and Technology Make a Healthier Life”. The 2022 semi-annual report marks our effort in technology innovation and continuous expansion of our core technologies to life science, in vitro diagnostics, and bio-medicine.

“At present, we have obtained 196 certifications of market access and provide products, services, and solutions to more than 60 countries and regions. We will continue to strategize for global business development,” said Dr. Lin Cao, CEO of Vazyme. Our global research and development operations make sure that we could provide quality products, solutions, and services for local markets, and more importantly, do as much as we can to meet the pent-up customer needs.

As an R&D-driven company, we hold to the highest standards of ethics, accountability, and professionalism. We care about the well-being of people around the world, and we will continue to innovate every step of the way.

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